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The firm of architects langenkamp.dk architects has specialised in passive,
zero and plus energy architecture. The firm was founded in July 2008 by
Olav Langenkamp who is the architect behind Villa Langenkamp, the first
certified passive house in Denmark. Olav Langenkamp has for a number of
years worked with the construction of passive and low-energy houses as
well as industrialised buildings.

The firm is currently working on several single-family passive houses, passive
house blocks of flats, the first passive house office building in Denmark,
the first plus energy office building in Denmark as well as the projecting of
32 terraced houses of passive house standard..

Olav Langenkamp has been certified as a passive house architect by the
Passivhausinstitut in Darmstadt, Germany. Born on 18 July 1971, Olav Langenkamp
graduated as an architect from ETH (Eidgenössische Technische
Hochschule) in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1998.